Capture community contributions as peer-verified non-transferable tokens.
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What’s a Kudos?

Capture community contributions as unique, peer-verified non-transferable tokens.

Shipped my first app
Built a website
Ordered super awesome swag
Grew org Twitter to 100k
Created a dope promo video
Onboarded to a new community
Set up Discord server for n00bs
Reorganized DAO wiki for guilds
SVG as an image
SVG as an image
Why use Kudos?

Giving Kudos is a great way to recognize and reward amazing feats or projects within your community. They serve as a badge of honor that commemorates the pride and joy behind a contribution.

Individuals can claim Kudos to build out an on-chain, peer-verified, authentic history of their work.

Plus, it's free!

How it works
Step 1: Tell us who
Send Kudos to people by adding their wallet addresses. You can send a Kudos to:
👩 another person
👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ a group of people
👯‍♀️👯‍♀️➕👩 your team (a group of people with yourself included)!
Step 2: Describe the contribution
Fill in the details of the Kudos you’re creating. We use these details to algorithmically generate a Kudos that uniquely represents your contribution.
Raised $500k to fund amazing web3 project woo
Crazy amazing effort by this team, two week hustle Lorem ipsum dolor sit ❤️ via
Step 3: Claim Kudos
Drop a link to let others know that you gave them a Kudos! They can mint the token on our site if they were whitelisted and add the Kudos to their collection.
Share this link with your teammates so they can claim their kudos
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SVG as an image
SVG as an image
What’s an NTT?

NTTs are non-transferrable tokens.

Kudos are non-transferable because we want your contribution to be owned by *you,* and not anyone else. Non-transferability means that a Kudos can only be created - not sold or traded. We’re creating a way for people to build out an authentic record of the great things they’ve done.

What does it mean to be peer-verified?

When someone claims the Kudos, they are verifying that the contribution actually occurred with the specified set of people. If a Kudos is invalid in any way, they would be disincentivized to claim the token.

What qualifies as a Kudos?

Anything! Mint a Kudos for any work that’s worth celebrating. You can mint a Kudos to celebrate the launch of a project, hitting a goal, getting a certification, or even starting a new job. But these are just guidelines. It’s entirely up to you. 😃

I received a Kudos containing false information.
What should I do?

We encourage everyone to not claim an incorrect Kudos as it devalues the authenticity of your current collection and promotes bad actors. But it’s your wallet, your choice.

Why mint the contribution as a Soulbound
(non-transferable) token?

Imagine our world as a village with a big bulletin board that tracks all the things people have done. Minting your contribution into a Soulbound token is like adding a community-verified record of your work onto that board for everyone to admire, with a guarantee that this record wasn’t bought and can’t be sold.

Can I mint a Kudos for myself?

No teammates? No problem. Give yourself a Kudos for doing something awesome. After all that hard work, give yourself a pat on the back! If you were a part of a team, make sure to include yourself!

Which chain are you on?

Polygon! We’ve made it a top priority to make sure gas prices don’t become a hurdle to giving out Kudos. In the future we may add the option to bridge the token to other chains (such as Ethereum Mainnet).

How do I get involved
or give feedback?

We’re on a mission to enable the Contributor Economy. Say hi to us on Discord or follow our Twitter! Want to directly connect with us? Book some time with our team here.